Every client has a unique timeline. Some have time to spare, perhaps because they are looking to expand their operation down the line and are just trying to be prepared, but most are looking to have their projects completed within a fairly short span of time so that they can advance their plans and move their company towards a new stage of development. At the beginning of the design process, representatives from Logan Creek sit down with our client to discuss their specific needs and goals as far as scheduling is concerned. Their need for expediency (or lack thereof) will play a huge role in informing our plan for their project. From there we’ll take the client’s timeline and figure out how to address their needs in full while being as efficient as possible. The final timeline will use the client’s schedule as its basis but will be updated to reflect the realities of the project. Throughout the building process we will constantly refer to the timeline to ensure that the our plan is moving along on schedule and that all the working parts of the project are running smoothly and in synch.

How do we construct the schedules for our projects?

Step #1: We begin by working with the client to determine their needs. This step is described above.

Step #2: Next, we draft a project plan laying out the different phases of the build process, which materials will be needed, how many man hours will be required and what subcontractors, if any, will be necessary for the project’s completion.

Step #3: Once the schedule is finalized it is inputted into project-planning software to keep it fully organized and ensure that everyone on the build team has access to it at all times.

Step #4: From there, we’ll create a work breakdown schedule detailing every task we’ll need to complete. These tasks will then be further broken down into manageable steps, and these steps will be divided up among the various teams working on the project. Numbers are assigned to every step to simplify organization.

Step #5: From there, the master schedule is constructed. This schedule is composed of the various tasks identified on the breakdown schedule. Here, each task will be assigned to a specific person, usually a project manager, start and end dates will be proposed and links will be drawn. For example, if a later step can’t begin until an earlier step has been completed that will be noted. At this point, with the project organized and every task assigned, work will begin.

When it comes to project scheduling, Logan Creek Construction is experienced and hands-on, and we always put the needs of our customers first. Contact us today to see why so many clients have chosen and continue to choose Logan Creek.

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