Dispute Resolution

Disputes sometimes occur during the course of a construction project. To keep said project on schedule and within budget, these disputes must be handled quickly and efficiently. Logan Creek Construction not only has the know-how to quickly resolve disputes, greatly minimizing the amount of time and money that would have otherwise been lost, but we go above and beyond during the planning and implementation stages in an effort to avoid possible disputes further down the line. Identifying potential issues long before they become problems is a key element of risk management. However, there are some disputes which are so unpredictable and situational that even the finest risk managers wouldn’t be able to see them coming. It’s those situations that Logan Creek’s dispute resolution team exists to resolve.

Contractors require dispute resolution services more frequently than professionals in just about any other industry. That’s because construction projects are so complex. They contain so many disparate components and involve so many industries and third parties that, from time to time, disputes are basically inevitable. Most disputes are solved internally without any need for the hiring of a specialist. However, sometimes these issues are just too multifaceted to be solved without intervention. Once you decide intervention will be necessary it’s important to act quickly. By the time they’re resolves, construction disputes can prove to be extremely expensive, not only due to the cost of attorney fees and the usage of expert witnesses, but due to the stoppage of work during the resolution processes and the loss of jobs the parties involved would have gained during that time. In short, if disputes are not resolved in time their effect can be quite catastrophic for the businesses involved.

When a dispute occurs on a construction site it frequently leads to work stoppages and a deterioration in communication between the parties. People who once worked together effectively become inflexible. For the good of your project, your client and your business you cannot allow that to happen. If you’re in need of dispute resolution services contact Logan Creek today.

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