Construction Project Planning

Project planning is an essential and fundamental step in the management and execution of commercial construction projects. Basically, this part of the process involves the detailed planning of a particular project from beginning to end. These details include:

  • Deciding which types of technology will be utilized in the creation of the project, and what types will be implemented as a part of the final product.
  • Diving up the work tasks, including deciding how many workers are necessary and where to allocate those resources.
  • Estimating the amount of resources needed to complete the project, as well as what resources will be required.
  • Determining which project managers or groups will be responsible for which aspects of the project, including the potential usage of subcontractors.
  • Predicting the duration of the tasks necessary to complete the project.
  • Planning for the impact of the activities necessary for the completion of the project upon the area where it is housed, as well as the best way to complete those activities.

This information is used to organize and guide the project, and the project’s overall budget and timeline are largely based upon it. After all, the budget cannot be determined until the types of materials used, and the amount of them which is necessary, is decided upon, and the timeline cannot be finalized until the necessary tasks have been laid out and the amount of manpower which will be utilized has been considered. However, at the beginning of the process, before even the project’s plan has been drafted, the client will lay out their own budgetary and time-related needs. Therefore, the client’s proposed budget and timeline must play a large role in determining the project’s even though the client proposed those items without a plan in place. That’s why project planning isn’t just about making one plan, it’s about making several and then choosing the one which best suits the requirements of the project and the needs of the client. It’s often not easy to create a plan which can fulfill the needs and requirements of the client and the project as a whole equally, but Logan Creek is more than up to the task.

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