Construction Program Management

Our experience working on complex, diverse projects is one of the many things that allows Logan Creek to be so effective as construction program managers. As such, we have effectively worked in conjunction with many major corporations on the facilitation of their projects for the mutual benefit of both organizations. Construction program management is an extremely intricate process, one which should only be attempted by organizations with a great deal of experience in and knowledge about the business of commercial construction. Fortunately, Logan Creek is absolutely qualified to aid your business with your commercial construction project today, regardless of its size or scope. What kinds of services will we perform as construction program managers? Here are just a few:

  • We’ll do the planning. Before the building process begins it is absolutely essential to have a strong plan in place. This plan will detail every phase of the building process, including what materials will be needed (and how much will be used) and which workers or organizations will be responsible for which phases of the effort. This plan, in conjunction with the needs and requirements expressed by the client, will be used to determine the project’s overall timeline and budget.
  • We’ll supervise the work. Every one of Logan Creek Construction’s employees is highly qualified, but we still oversee their work very carefully through the usage of project managers. PMs are placed in charge of hiring and firing, ensuring that only the best suited candidates are allowed entry into Logan Creek’s ranks. They also oversee the work which is done on the field and help organize workers to ensure that they’re using their time as efficiently as possible.
  • We’ll get the materials. Of course, the finest workers available still wouldn’t be able to produce great work without the proper tools. At Logan Creek we source our own materials from reliable sources, guaranteeing the quality of our final product.
  • We’ll stand by our promises. One of the things that makes Logan Creek unique is how closely we work with our clients. We go to them before every major decision we make, asking for their feedback and, ultimately, their approval. The very first thing we’ll do is meet with you to discuss your budget, timeline and goals for the project, you can be rest assured that any promises we make up front will be kept. Throughout the entire project we will keep your needs at the forefront of our thinking. That’s our promise to you.


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