Bid Management

Logan Creek Construction believes that in order for any project to run as planned and be successful all involved parties need to have a mutual understanding of the project’s overall goals and ambitions. In other words, everyone working on a commercial construction project, regardless of the relative importance or size of their role, must be on the same page. On an average commercial construction project the participation of subcontractors will be necessary. Those companies who want to take part will submit bids for the overall cost of their work. However, the subcontractor cannot possibly determine what an accurate bid might be if they are not in complete understanding of a project’s parameters. If we consider a subcontractor’s skill level to be high enough we will bring them into the fold, informing them as to the exact nature of the project and precisely what it will require from them.

Here at Logan Creek we’ve spent our decades in the business building strong relationships with reliable subcontractors, the kind of people we know we can rely on to uphold our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. When we do have to hire subcontractors with whom we do not have a previous working relationship we scrutinize their abilities and histories closely in an effort to ensure that they possess the experience and efficiency we require if they are to take part in one of our client’s projects. If a subcontractor is working in conjunction with Logan Creek you can be assured that they have been pre-qualified, guaranteeing their competence and skill. This allows for a high degree of quality control.

One of the things that makes Logan Creek Construction special is the relationships we have made, not just locally but throughout the nation. The subcontractors who we work with are experts in their respective fields. They share our ideals, our commitments and our standards. Finding the right subcontractor(s) is a key part of any major project, and our bid managers work hard to ensure that everyone they hire to aid our efforts will benefit the client and the ultimate goal of the assignment.


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