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Press Release: Detroit Manufacturing Breaks Ground at Toledo Site

Detroit Manufacturing GroundbreakingOn Wednesday, August 24th, ground breaking began on what will, within a year, become a 102,000 square-foot facility devoted to the production of elements for the new model of Jeep Wrangler. The Toledo, OH based facility, a branch of Detroit Manufacturing Systems LLC, is set to employ more than 140 workers by next summer, with those numbers potentially doubling by 2018.

The NAI Harmon Group, in conjunction with the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, is working to develop the site at a cost of approximately $8 million dollars. When it is complete, the building will be owned (and leased) by NAI Harmon Group President Ed Harmon, who predicts that the facility may eventually house more than 1,000 jobs, significantly strengthening the local economy.

As the general contractor for NAI Harmon Group, Logan Creek Construction has been tasked with a complex and demanding project, of which they are excited to take on. Construction projects of this size require experienced firms with reliable connections and access to the finest materials available on the market.

Logan Creek is up to the challenge and feels honored to have been selected to take part in a project which will have such a positive impact upon the local population of Toledo. This facility will bring hundreds of well-paid jobs to the area, providing a fantastic opportunity for the local workforce. Logan Creek has always been strongly connected to Northwest Ohio. With strong local ties, it is their pleasure to give back to their community.

Since 1999, Logan Creek Construction has taken on projects of all sizes and specifications, including industrial and commercial. In this time, they have proven their loyalty and skill to their clients time and time again, completing projects in a timely manner and sticking to their budget. Logan Creek Construction is more than thrilled to accept another opportunity to display their level of commitment to Northwest Ohio, while aiding NAI Harmon Group and Detroit Manufacturing Systems LLC with their new project.

Press Release: Dana Axle Breaks Ground at the Former Jeep Plant

Dana Axle groundbreaking

Dana Holding Corp. of Maumee, Ohio has announced that it will invest $70 million dollars in a new plant located in Toledo, Ohio. The facility will produce axles for vehicles, including Jeep and another unannounced major client. The plant is significant because it will be located on the site of the former Willys-Overland Motor Plant, the facility where the first Jeep was assembled. Beyond the already significant historical designation, the space has been called the birthplace of the entire Toledo auto industry. The land, occupied for almost 100 years by the former plant, has been vacant since 2006. Now, it will be put to great use again. Construction has begun!

The space will be leased to Dana by the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, as well as the NAI Harmon Group. A long time partner of this group, Logan Creek has worked tirelessly as NAI Harmon’s go-to contractor. Working as partners on a wide range of projects, we are proud to add this new project to the list. Dana’s new facility will bring many great jobs to the Toledo, Ohio area as well as improve the local economy. The big changes are a fantastic opportunity for the city and its workers. Logan Creek is thrilled for the opportunity to give back to Northwest Ohio by working on this project in conjunction with partners NAI Harmon.

Since 1999, Logan Creek Construction has taken on a diverse array of projects in the Toledo/Northwest Ohio area, encompassing everything from small renovations to the construction of commercial development structures. Logan Creek is proud to work with NAI Harmon again on such an important, historically relevant project. Employing local workers in the location where the Toledo auto industry first began is a rare and wonderful opportunity. Logan Creek is delighted to aid Dana Holding Corp in this pursuit. The facility, which should employ more than 300 workers, will be completed shortly.